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C.I.N.A. Publications

Publication Name Price
30 Years of Community $15 E
Aboriginal Family Violence: A Nursing Resource, Final Report - May 2002 $15 E
Aboriginal Health Nursing Project: Initiating Dialogue - March 31, 2006 $30 E
Against the Odds: Aboriginal Nursing National Task Force on Recruitment and Retention Strategies - 2002

$10 E

An Aboriginal Specialty - May 2001 $10 E
Best Practices for the Recruitment and Retention of Aboriginal People into Nursing Education and Nursing Practice - Final - November 15, 2006 $30 E
Community Orientation for Newly Employed Nurses  Final Report
Components of a First Nations Community Orientation Template - March 2002
$10 E
Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety: Curriculum for Aboriginal Peoples - 2011 $12 E/F
Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety in Nursing - A Framework for First Nations, Inuit and Métis - 2009 $12 E/F
Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety in First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nursing Education - An Integrated Review of the Literature - 2009 $15 E/F
Developing Best Practice Environments (Best Practice Model Development in Aboriginal Communities) - March 2002 $15 E/F
Exposure to Violence in the Home: Effects on Aboriginal Children
Discussion Paper
$15 E
Exposure to Violence in the Home: Effects on Aboriginal Children
Conference Proceedings Report   May 2002
$15 E
Family Violence In Aboriginal Communities, A review
The Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association and Royal Canadian Mounted Police
$20 E/F
Following the Spirit of Courageous Leaders - 2011 $30 E
Framework for Cultural Competency and Safety in Aboriginal Health Nursing Living in Dignity and Truth - February 2007 $35 E
(A) Framework for C.I.N.A. Consultation to Transferred First Nations Communities for Effective Nurse Recruitment -  March 2003 $15 E/F
Healthy Children, Healthy Nations
A Framework Document to Support the Well-being of First Nation's Children
$30 E
$35 F
Hepatitis C - Care and Treatment Support
Aboriginal Perspective March 2001
$15 E
$20 F
HIV/AIDS and the Impact on Aboriginal Women - 1996 $15 E/F
I Want to be Nurse!  Scholarship/Bursary Guide (Please add $3 shipping & handling) - March 2007 $25 E
Impact of Technology on Aboriginal Nursing - Discussion Paper - May 2001 $15 E
Injury Prevention and Nursing in Aboriginal Communities,A Discussion Paper
Ottawa, ON    March 2002
$15 E
It Takes a Community, Framework for the First Nations and Inuit Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects Initiatives.
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National Family Violence Survey   Phase 1 -  August 1991
$10 E
Nursing Leadership and Support:  Elements of a Framework for Community Consultation - March 2003 $15 E/F
Nursing Recruitment and Retention Workshop - Summary Report - May 23-24, 2001 $15 E/F
Review of Best Practices to Increase the Number of Aboriginal People in Nursing - November 15, 2006 $30 E
Submission to the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada
November 1, 2001
$10 E
Summary Report on Current Nursing Workplace Issues and Best Practice in Aboriginal Communities - March 2002 $15 E/F
Supervision of Nurses in First Nation Communities: What are the Gaps?
Project Report  -   January 31, 2002
$10 E
Survey of Native and Non-Native Nurses Working in Native Communities and the Number of Native Students Studying Nursing - 1991
$10 E
Survey of Nurses in Isolated First Nations Communities Recruitment and Retention Issues ,- Final Report  - September 8, 2000 $20 E
$25 F
Synthesis Paper for the Development of a Pan-Canadian Strategy to Plan, Recruit, Graduate and Retain Sustainable Aboriginal Nursing Human Resources - Final - March 26, 2007 $25 E
Tobacco Cessation - Canadian Environmental Scan - Tobacco Control Strategy
- March 31, 2005
$5 E
Traditional Medicine and Primary Health Care among Canadian Aboriginal People.
-  A discussion paper with annotated bibliography
-  Prepared for the Indian and Inuit Nurses of Canada
1991-1992 by Brenda Shewtowsky
$15 E
$20 F
Twice As Good: A History of Aboriginal Nurses - March 2007
$40 E
Violence Against Aboriginal Women Strategy
- Research & Assessment Phase
- Synthesis Report and Identification of Tools
- July 26, 2004
$10 E

E = English Only
E/F = Bilingual publication
F = French Only E = anglais seulement
E/F = publication bilingue