Reporting to the Campus Director and under the guidance of the PN Coordinator, the PN Instructor is responsible for delivering components of the Practical Nursing program to students.


•    Instructs curriculum using only pre-authorized or Sprott Shaw materials 
•    Takes part in our program TEAMs and contribute to maintaining the curriculum for the betterment of the program
•    Organizes and is responsible for instructor materials
•    Distributes and explains course outlines at beginning of every class to every student
•    Defines daily objectives and begins with an overview of the daily lesson plan
•    Distributes textbooks and materials at the beginning of the course
•    Checks inventory and orders lab supplies as needed
•    Administers all assessments as closed book (exceptions are noted on the specific course outlines) and according to guidelines and procedures 
•    Grades and checks daily work, projects, and quizzes in a timely fashion according to guidelines
•    Follows procedures for administering, recording grades and filing of assessments
•    Marks in a timely fashion and according to guidelines provided
•    Maintains attendance sheets accurately
•    Sets a professional example
•    Assures that classrooms and labs are left in a clean and orderly fashion at end of class
•    Allows every student the chance to evaluate the course and teaching methods using the student evaluation form at the end of every course
•    Uses the Classroom Observation Worksheet to guide teaching practices
•    Provides Head Office with an evaluation of each course taught 
•    Offers assistance to other faculty and staff
•    Covers all material for the week, in a condensed form if necessary to provide for holidays or professional days
•    Participates in grad functions
•    Attends faculty meetings and in-service training
•    Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.


•    Current practicing license as an LPN, NP, RN or RPN with the BC College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNM)
•    A credential in adult education/equivalent or in-progress from an accredited post-secondary institution; to be completed within 2 years of hire date
•    Three to five years of recent, relevant practice experience.  For Coordinator position—5 years nursing background, knowledge and experience
•    Other relevant undergraduate degrees or professional qualifications degrees may be considered to teach the following courses (i.e. being registered with the College of Pharmacists):
•    Pharmacology (e.g. undergraduate degree in pharmacy, two years of hospital pharmacy experience, registered with the College of Pharmacists of BC);
•    Professional communications (e.g. undergraduate degree in a Human Services field or discipline, or Counseling Psychology);
•    Anatomy and Physiology (e.g. undergraduate degree in biology, physiology, physician, or equivalent education and experience). Physicians may only teach Anatomy and Physiology 


Knowledge of MS Office and database systems | Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Community | Diversity | Integrity | Quality | Respect | Results Oriented


Communication | Leadership | Service Orientation | Planning and Organizing | Accountability | Teamwork| Network and Relationship Building