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Strengthen your role on the healthcare team with Palliative Care Education (PACE) for PSWs! Or help one of the PSWs on your team become a stronger member of the team.

The new, user-friendly program offers PSWs, HCAs and CCAs exciting opportunities to develop skills and learn best practices for providing palliative care.

Through the PACE for PSWs program, students will:

  • Build best practices for providing palliative care.
  • Develop skills to integrate a palliative approach.
  • Learn ways to communicate and support the person and family.
  • Care for yourself as a vital team member.


Upon completion of the program, participants will earn their
National Certificate in Palliative Care.


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Kath Murray


Co-Founder of Life and Death Matters,

Certified Hospice Palliative Care Nurse,

Fellow in Thanatology (FT®)

A Dream Come True... 💞

For our founder Kath Murray, addressing the education needs of personal support workers has been the focus of her palliative care career.

"How can we reach PSWs who cannot access face to face education? How can we support workplace educators who cannot provide face to face education and/or who cannot free up staff to attend face to face education?"

It is with a heart full of gratitude– to PSWs everywhere, to CHPCA and HPCO for their hard work on this collaboration, and to every member contributing to the palliative care community, that we are proud to announce the PACE for PSWs program is officially open for registration.

Read about the inception and development of this exciting

new educational program here.



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November 3 Canadian Palliative Care Nurses Association - Townhall
November 5 National Association of Career Colleges - Education Day for Instructors
November 25 - 26 Catholic Education School Board Association (CESBA) Conference