CINA is thrilled to present Tanya Davoren as our first featured nurse of the Nominate a Nurse or Midwife campaign!

May 2020 Nominated Nurse - Tanya Davoren

Tanya is a Métis Registered Nurse working as the Director of Health, Sport and Veterans for Métis Nation British Columbia. She was nominated by multiple people for her work.

One of Tanya's nominators, Katina Pollard, had this to say:

Tanya is such an inspiration to not only myself, but many of my colleagues.  She plays a vital role in our Ministry and is almost like a “jack of all trades”.    Tanya does a tremendous job of building relationships and working collaboratively to ensure all Métis people are seen and have a voice.  Tanya has been vital during this unprecedented time of COVID and has been so supportive in all our decisions as a Ministry.  

Tanya is caring, supportive and we are so lucky to have her as Director of Health at Métis Nation British Columbia.  I truly believes she deserves this nomination.


CINA contacted Tanya and asked her about her work as an Indigenous nurse:

Q: How long have you been working in health care, and where have you worked?

I graduated in 2000, so this is my 20th year of being a Registered Nurse! I have worked in a few locations in the Okanagan Valley, but primarily in my hometown of Vernon BC.

Q: What made you want to become a nurse?

I wanted to become a nurse for numerous reasons: 1) I have always been a “helper” and enjoyed the role of caregiver in my family, 2) I wanted to continue living and raise a family in our small city of Vernon and have employment stability, and 3) when I look back, (especially helping my own kids with their schoolwork during COVID-19), I realize I did and still have a love for Biology. Biology came quite naturally to me, I loved anatomy and physiology and while upgrading and decided on a career path, it was because of Biology that I decided to pursue Nursing and have never looked back.

Q: What makes you proud to be an Indigenous nurse?

I am so proud of being a Registered Nurse, I’ve enjoyed interactions and connections with many individuals and their families over the years and through the journey of life. I worked as a float RN and then moved into a Patient Care Coordinator/Nursing Care Clinician role before taking a giant leap of faith and going to work for Métis Nation British Columbia as the Director of Health in 2008. I am so happy I can use my health knowledge, advocacy skills and leadership style to work on behalf of Métis people to improve awareness, data and health outcomes in BC.

I am super proud of the team we have built at MNBC’s Ministry of Health in just two short years; From two (2) positions and a contractor to now eleven (11) staff positioned across the province working on behalf of Métis people in BC. We have accomplished amazing things in the past year(s) and look forward to the years ahead. We know we will continue to grow our capacity and become an integral part of ensuring the BC’s healthcare system is proactive, responsive and culturally appropriate for Métis people.


On behalf of the team at CINA: thank you Tanya for all of your work! And congratulations on your 20th anniversary as a nurse!

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