New report urges Canada’s health leaders to strengthen focus on cancer
When it comes to cancer, time is of the essence. 
Canada must make cancer a priority when allocating healthcare resources as we continue to deal with the impacts of the pandemic. 
The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has just released a new report, The road to recovery: Cancer in the COVID-19 era, that underlines this urgent need. 
Developed in collaboration with partners across Canada, the report describes actions needed and shares innovative solutions that are already underway across the country to strengthen the cancer system. It also highlights the fact that health equity must be at the forefront of Canada’s pandemic response and recovery.
Read the report and join the conversation. After all, strengthening Canada’s cancer system starts with getting a clear picture of what’s happening today, and what kinds of responses and investments will be needed for the future.
It’s time to strengthen Canada’s focus on cancer. 
Read The road to recovery: Cancer in the COVID-19 era report
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